Happy Hour Cocktails Starting at $8.50

(4pm - 7:30pm)

Na Na Pop
pineapple rum, canton ginger liquor, pineapple juice, splash ginger ale

Ginger Drop
vodka, canton ginger liquor, fresh muddled ginger, ginger syrup, sugar rim

Thai -Tini
citrus vodka, fresh basil, lime, lemongrass syrup, sweet & sour

Happy Rangoon
pineapple rum, young coconut juice

Da Da Dee Margarita
silver tequila, mango puree, triple see, cilantro, jalapeno, sweet & sour

Lemongrass Mojito
pineapple rum, lemongrass syrup, fresh mint, lime, sweet & sour, soda

Blue Sapphire
Sapphire gin, St. Germain ElderDower liquor, muddled cucumber, sweet & sour, splash tonic

$5.50 Cocktails

Lychee Martini
lychee vodka, lychee juice

Boo Dee Cosmo
cucumber vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice


Cucumber Cooler

cucumber infused gin, pink grapefruit, sprite

Na Na-Tini
pineapple rum, pineapple juice, lime

Sake Bomb
shot sake, 1/2 pint sapporo 


White Sangria

white wine, brandy, triple sec, mango & pineapple juice

$3.50 Non Alcoholic

Ginger Soda
muddled ginger, ginger syrup, ginger ale, splash of sweet & sour
Lemongrass Soda
lemongrass syrup, soda, splash of sweet & sour, mint


Beers and Wines


$4.25 - Drafts(Blue Moon, Sapporo, Sierra)

$5.00 - Angry Orchard Cider, Guest Draft Beer on Rotation

$5.25 - Premium Drafts (90 Minute Dogfish, Heretic, Guest Beer, Whiskey Barrel Aged Beer (10.5oz)

$5.25 - Guinness Stout

Bottle Selection $5-$7.50:


   Midas Touch

   West Coast IPA


   Crabbie's Scottish Ginger Ale

   Manger Cider

$3.50 - Domestic Bottles
$4.00 - Imported Bottles

$15.00 - Pitchers (Sapporo, Sierra, Blue Moon)
$5.50 - House Wines



Sapphire Tapas

 (starting at $6.50)




Crispy pastry filled with potato, onion and Burmese spices, served with tamarind hot

Lemon Shrimp
Lightly breaded shrimp served with a special lemon sauce.


Shrimp Tempura
Crunchy shrimp served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Fish Tempura
Breaded catfish served with roasted pepper sauce.


Tofu Gyaw [Fried Tofu]
Homemade golden tofu served with tamarind hot sauce. 


Baya Gyaw [Garbanzo Fritters]
Crispy lentil cakes served with tamarind hot sauce.


Kyet Thon Gyaw[Crispy Onion]

Thinly sliced homemade onions served with tamarind hot sauce.


Puffed Indian pastry served with a creamy coconut dipping sauce.

Keema Parata
Puffed Indian pastry with ground chicken filling, garnished with vegetables.


Crispy Chicken Wonton

Chicken and vegetable wrapped in a wonton shell, deep fried to perfection served with a home made garlic sauce.

Burmese Fried Chicken
Bite size pieces of boneless chicken with onion , bell peppers, and seasoned with
Burmese spices.

Spicy Wings
Burmese style chicken wings tossed in spices, served dry and topped with roasted peppers.

Pot Stickers
Burmese dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables, served with fresh ginger hot sauce.


Burmese Fried Chicken (spicy)

Bite size ieces of boneless chicken with onion, bell peppers, and seasoned with Burmese spices.


Spicy Pineapple Chicken

Popcorn chicken with zesty citrus flavored sauce.


Crunchy Citrus Chicken
Crunchy popcorn chicken  with zesty citrus flavored sauce.


Garlic Chicken
Crispy chicken tossed in a special garlic sauce, served over a bed of lettuce.




Seafood Noodel Soup
Egg noodle with shrimp, fish, imitation crab and vegetables.

Wonton Noodle Soup
Egg noodle with chicken wonton and vegetables.


Monhinga [Fish Chowder]
Rice vermicelli noodles in a lemongrass fish soup, garnished with cilantro and a boiled egg.

Ohn-No Khauk Swe [Coconut Noodle Soup]
 Egg noodles in a creamy coconut chicken soup, garnished with wonton skin,cilantro and a
boiled egg.( Add shrimp $2.00

Kyay Oh [Chicken Noodle Soup]
Burmese style rice noodles with chicken meat balls, pieces of white meat chicken, tofu, and greens.( Add shrimp $2.00 extra)

Samusa Soup
Samusas and crispy garbanzo fritters in a lentil soup with cabbage, mints, and onion.



La-Phet Thoke [Tea Leaf Salad]
Imported Burmese tea leaf mix with homemade crispy mixed nuts, sun dried shrimp,
cabbage, tomato, jalapeno, crispy garlic and roasted sesame seeds in a tea leaf infused
house dressing. Available vegetarian.

Tofu Thoke [Tofu Salad]
Homemade golden tofu with cabbage, shredded carrot and sun dried shrimp in a
tamarind dressing. Available vegetarian.

Papaya Salad
Shredded green papaya, onion, sun dried shrimp and peanuts in a tomato
and lime dressing. Available vegetarian.

Khauk Swe Thoke [Noodle Salad]
Egg noodles in our special house sauce with cabbage, crispy onions and
sun dried shrimp. Available with chicken or vegetarian.

A Sone Thoke [Rainbow Salad]
Rice vermicelli and egg noodles in our special house sauce with homemade tofu,
cabbage, shredded carrot, green papaya, potato and sun dried shrimp. Available

House Speciality


Si-Jet Khauk Swe [Garlic Noodles]
Hot egg noodles in a special garlic dressing with (your choice of chicken/vegetarian/shrimp), lettuce and green onion. (Add shrimp $1 extra)

Burmese Style Fried Noodle

Pan fried egg noodle with (your choice of chicken/vegetarian/shrimp), egg, garbanzo beans, onion,cabbage. (Add shrimp $1 extra)

Burmese Fried Rice
Fried rice with (your choice of chicken/vegetarian/shrimp) egg, garbanzo beans, onion, cabbage. (Add shrimp $1 extra)


Beef Masala
Slow cooked beef stew with lentils and Burmese spices.


Business Hours

Lunch       10:00am – 3:00pm

                (Mon – Fri)

Happy Hour 4:00pm – 7:30pm

                (Mon – Fri)

Bar           4:00pm – Closed

                (Mon – Fri)  

Kitchen     4:00pm - 9:00pm

                (Mon - Wed)

                4:00pm - 9:30pm

                (Thur - Fri)            

Sat & Sun  Closed

Our Location


475 Sacramento Street

San Francisco, CA 94111

United States

Tel: 415-984-0428

Fax: 415-984-0432


All dishes are available for takeout. Order by calling

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Sapphire Asian Cuisine
Sapphire Asian Cuisine
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